"My wife and I and our new baby LOVE our new home. You were extremely helpful through the entire process." - Fernando, Mariela & Kamila F., Norwich

"Thank you so much for taking care of us. The house looks great and we really appreciate your professionalism." - Kelli & Curtis S., Mystic

"After looking at an Erik's Design-Build home it's obvious that it's energy efficient and top quality built for materials and workmanship. What really stands out and makes EDB unique is how they combine their Design-Build process. Working with EDB this approach tailors your home to your needs and lifestyle. This method ensures your home is a custom built home with the things that are really important to you. They listen to you and make good suggestions. I think the most important thing you can say about a builder is that if you had to do it all over again or build another home, would you use Erik's Design-Build again? The answer is Absolutely." - John & Mary T., Groton Long Point

"Owning an Erik's Design-Build home is a terrific experience. We have owned multiple homes built by several different builders and none match the excellent design, efficiency and quality of an EDB home. The design is excellent, with an open and airy feeling, which helps to make the home feel very comfortable. The design lends itself to comfortable living and entertaining. All of the areas of the home are inviting and with the large windows and skylights, even the stormiest days seem pleasant. The efficiency of the home and the energy star rating make it a very warm home. Top quality windows, doors, insulation and heating and air-conditioning eliminate drafts, and guests invariably comment on how comfortable they feel in our house. Sometimes getting them to leave becomes a challenge! The large amounts of insulation used throughout the house even make our teenagers electric guitars tolerable! Every feature from the high-ceilinged basement to the full walk-up attic is well-designed and executed. The quality is beyond compare. High end windows, cabinets, fixtures and finish materials make the home a builder's showpiece. Often when guests visit, the inevitable comments arise from them about design and features. From the small "nice touches" to the larger items such as the intricate stonework, friends always leave a bit envious. The largest difference with an EDB home goes beyond the materials and quality construction. That factor is the outstanding customer service and response Erik's team exemplifies in every facet of the process. We have been amazed with the rapid response of the team throughout the building and home ownership process. The office staff and the field team have attended to our every need. Truly this separates EDB from the rest of the competition and has led to Erik's excellent reputation with homeowners. I highly recommend utilizing Erik's Design and Build for your next home!" - Alan &Jessica W., East Lyme

"My fiancee and I didn't know one builder from the next in the Southeastern Connecticut area and by chance, stumbled upon Eriks Design Build Associates. When we met the designers, Erik Kudlis and his build associates, we came away with feelings of trust and honesty with his team. Erik and his associates were there every step of the way and built us the home of our dreams. Professional, courteous and customer satisfaction being paramount, Eriks Design Build Associates made building a custom home stress and hassle free. We are now the proud owners of a beautiful custom home built by the award winning Erik's Design Build Associates." - Steve C. & Carol O., Griswold

"Friends and family walk into our home and say "This home is you!" You ask, "what does that have to do with the builder?" We say, everything. Erik's Design Build is a team of people dedicated to building a quality home with the top grade materials using their own highly skilled people in conjunction with proven subcontractors. Because of their level of efficiency, experience, and expertise they are also able to focus on the customer's needs and desires throughout the process. We didn't want a cookie cutter home. Erik's people knew that. They helped us with the design but were also willing to change and add things throughout the process. For instance, the height of the windows in our bathroom was changed 3 times until we were satisfied. The design called for living room windows that when installed just didn't provide the visibility we had envisioned. Working closely with the project manager, we agreed on a replacement that would meet our needs. It was ordered and installed. Our plans called for a kitchen booth. During the process we added a window bench with side shelves in the living room. Erik's carpenters were able to use pictures we provided to build exactly what we wanted. These, and many other changes and adjustments, were met not only in stride but with an enthusiasm to meet our needs. Many companies claim to work as a team. Erik's Design Build actually does. Erik Kudlis's inspired leadership is reflected in his team. If you want a home that says "this home is you!", Erik's team can build it." - Jayne K. & Naomi G., Pawcatuck

"Installing a Geothermal Heating & Cooling system in our new home was one of the best decisions we could have made. Our system is super efficient, environmentally safe and has saved us a ton of money." - Dean & Jo Ann P., North Stonington

"Our retirement home is everything we were looking for in a new home. The Energy Star qualification allows us to function well within our budget. Geothermal heating was one of the best suggestions by Erik's Design-Build and we are extremely happy we went with it. Overall we were very pleased with the design and construction. The staff of Erik's Design-Build made this a pleasant experience." - Dwight & Betsy H., Preston

"As a realtor for 21 years, I have seen more than my share of new and old homes, and I find the test of an exceptional builder is how well the home looks and functions after a number of years. Many can 'look' good at first, but I wanted a home that looked great after 10 years. So, when the time came to have a home built for myself, I would have chosen no one else ...Erik's Design Build is the leader of good taste and terrific construction!" - Gale O., Mystic

"From the start, Erik's was very quick and aggressive in getting our kitchen renovation initiated.  You were very accommodating to Pat & I when I was 8 months pregnant, during our contract negotiations.....you did everything you could to get the contract finalized and started right away.  Your demolition team worked very quickly in getting their end done.  Any delays, snags or changes in the original order were done timely and were addressed to my satisfaction.  The kitchen came out like the  kitchen I dreamt of having.  I truly love cooking in, and being in my new kitchen.  However, I am mostly impressed at how responsive your team has been to any of the issues that have come up since the project was completed.  Typically, this is where the disappointment comes in with many contractors.  However, you have really stepped up with your response and follow through. Thanks!" - Pat & Kathy J., Norwich